Studukatówka bydgoska 1621 Zygmunta III Wazy – A Jubilee Edition


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The second edition of the book about the 1621 Poland 100 ducats, which was published in 2018. A copy of this type was sold in January 2018 for $ 2.16 million (more).

The new edition, published on the 400th anniversary of minting the Polish 100 ducats, has been supplemented with information requested by the reviewers of the first edition. A catalog of full weight coins, specimens weighing 30-90 ducats and pieces struck in silver with the 100 ducats dies has also been added. The book contains a lot of previously unpublished information.

  • written in Polish
  • published in December 2021
  • a historical background of this coinage
  • analysis of all dies known
  • catalog of all coins minted with 100 ducats dies
  • all specimens known listed, described and pictured (if possible)
  • information on strikes in silver and re-strikes
  • A4 book size, 121 pages
  • hardcover
  • printed in full color