“The thoroughness of the research and the amount of information now available in one source is remarkable, and perhaps unprecedented. Certainly, for anyone interested in the more than four centuries of gold ducats in the Netherlands, be it a dealer, auctioneer, or serious collector, this work is a necessity.”

Arthur L. Friedberg, Coin & Currency Institute Inc.


“I was immediately struck by the high quality of the illustrations – and the abundance of them. I then saw that the book was not a mere summary of production years but rather a comprehensive and very worthy introduction to Dutch numismatic terminology, compositions, weights, mints, mint directors and coin counterfeiters, etc. The book presents an enjoyable description of the history of the gold ducat, including some interesting facts about foreign imitations – well documented and accompanied by many illustrations. In other words this book will certainly be appreciated by avid collectors, but professional numismatists will also find it beneficial. We do indeed need, and want, this book.”

Laurens Schulman, Laurens Schulman B.V.


“With his work on gold ducats, Dariusz Jasek has set a new standard for numismatic publications. This important reference work is the result of an intensive, multi-year research. It covers an astonishing complete range of gold ducats. The descriptions are accompanied by well tended images.”

Jan Pelsdonk, Curator of the Teylers Museum Coin Cabinet