Marek Budaj – The Kosice Gold Treasure / Kosický Zlatý Poklad


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The only book, which allows to identify gold ducats minted by a number of European countries, including Hungary, The Netherlands, Transylvania, Poland, etc. Nearly 3,000 various gold ducats, of which every single coin is listed with its weight, diameter and a full color photos of both sides. This book is also the only one listing a number of ducats minted with the same date, and thus giving a possibility to compare die varieties for particular dates. The book is already sold out a few years ago and thus very rare on the market today (some online sale offers may be found, but the item is already sold). We have a few last copies from our old stock.

The Kosice Gold Treasure is one of the largest hoard of gold coins in history, preserved in their entirety. In the preface of the book we may find detailed information about the circumstances of finding the treasure.

Additional information:

  • a wide selection of the Hungarian, Dutch and Transylvanian gold ducats (respectively 1,187, 1,015 and 251 coins),
  • the only known book with such detailed information on gold ducats of various countries,
  • 263 pages,
  • hardcover with a dust-cover,
  • weight 1,7 kg, dimensions 24×30 cm,
  • written in English and Slovak,
  • book is completely NEW, originally foil wrapped