The most extensive and comprehensive book ever written about Netherlands ducats:

  • Five years of research
  • Based on 20,000 records


  • Limited edition with worldwide distribution
  • 352 A4 pages
  • Coins not listed by Delmonte
  • Records of previous owners
  • Forgeries with information of how to recognize them
  • Auction records from various auctions and fixed price lists as far back as 1880
  • Extensive historical descriptions for each mint
  • A large number of varieties listed for each date
  • Recalculated mintages
  • Rarity grade for each particular date and type
  • Pictures of rare coins, which have never been published
  • All coins enlarged to 150%
  • Coin pedigrees and coin auction pedigrees
  • Auction records with prices incl. Buyer’s Premium, recalculated to USD
  • Re-written by American editor in conversational English
  • Hardcover printed in color on premium quality paper
  • The first complete book about ducats