The Kosice Gold Treasure

The Kosice Gold Treasure is the largest and the richest coin find of gold coins in Slovakia, and one of the biggest coin find of gold coins in the world. It was discovered on August 24, 1935 during the reconstructing works at 68 Hlavná Street in Kosice.

Weighing 11.5 kilograms, it comprises 2920 gold coins (including 1,015 Dutch ducats), three medals and a 2.14 m long Renaissance chain. Deposited in a copper casket engraved with animal motifs, the treasure was found in what was once the building of Spis Chamber. Even though the year of its deposition in this place is not known, the newest of the coins, dating back to the reign of Leopold I, suggest the time shortly after 1679.

Kosice Gold Treasure in The National Slovakian Museum (starts at 2:13)

The collection is especially rich in the wide range of coin types from various geographical areas. What’s more coins from the Kosice Gold Treasure are usually in great condition; they are often the finest known.

Examples of the Netherlands ducats from The Kosice Gold Treasure, minted in the provincial period.