West Friesland 1674 ducat

In the upcoming Jean Elsen & ses Fils auction 126, a nice West-Friesland 1674 ducat (scarce date) will be available for bidding. A copy offered for sale is one of the finest known of this date. The coin weight is 3.48 gm.

This date is known in two varieties, with a small and large 4 digit in the date. This is the variety with a small 4. Both varieties were minted in the Einkhuizen mint.

Of all 9 copies known, three ducats of this date origins from the Kosice Gold Treasure: two of them with small 4 and one with a large 4 in the date.

You may bid this coin here .

West Friesland ducat 1674 (source: www.elsen.be)

West Friesland ducat 1674
(source: www.elsen.be)

23 September 2015 UPDATE:
The coin is sold for 449 EUR = 500 USD (incl. Buyer’s Premium).