Thorn ND ducat (Jasek 84, var. a)

Thorn gold ducat

Thorn gold ducat (source:

In the upcoming Monnaies d’Antan Mail Bid Sale 18 (November 22, 2015), a nice undated Thorn ducat will be available for bidding (Lot 1644). A copy offered for sale is in VF condition, however the coin weight is 3.43 gm, what is above average for this type.

Two of three types of single ducats minted in Thorn and known to exist are ducats of a Hungarian type, minted with Madonna on the reverse. The first type is minted with arms on the obverse (Jasek 83), and the second type is minted with an Emperor Ferdinand on the obverse (Jasek 84). This is the second type, the most common type of all known gold ducats minted by the Thorn mint. The recent sale of this type was in 2013 in Kuenker Auction 234, Lot 3032 (coin sold for 3,220 EUR = $4,279, incl. Buyer’s Premium fee).

This type is known in two varieties; this is variety a. Both varieties are described in detail in the Jasek’s book.

You may bid this coin here.

Thorn gold ducat (source:

Thorn ND ducat

25 November 2015 UPDATE:
The coin is unsold (estimated price was 3,000 EUR = $3,597).