The 200th Anniversary 2017 (1817) ducat

The Dutch type of a ducat was introduced in 1586, with the Leicester Ordinance. Gold ducats were minted from 1586 until 1808 as so-called “old type” ducats. Subsequently, gold ducats with Lodewijk Napoleon on the obverse and 1814-1816 gold ducats (with more modern design of the obverse, and with the reverse unchanged) were minted in Utrecht.

The “new type” ducats were minted in 1817, under Willem I (1815-1840), and with Y.D.C. Suermondt as a mintmaster (1816-1817). Although the obverse design was similar to that of gold ducats minted in previous years, the reverse was thoroughly modified. What makes the 1817 gold ducats special is:

  • for the first time since 1586 the fineness was lowered slightly to 0.983 ,
  • for the first time since 1586 the weight was lowered slightly to 3.454 gm,
  • lettering completely changed, to more narrow and more modern,
  • the legend changed from 5-lines inscription “MO.ORD / PROVIN. / FOEDER. / BELG. AD. / LEG. ” to 4-lines “MO. AUR / LEG. BELGII / AD LEGEM / IMPERII” (gold ducats with legend are being minted until today),
  • the 1817 gold ducat is the only date with Gebakerd kindje mintmasters’ mark.

To celebrate and commemorate the 200th Anniversary of minting a “new type” of the Dutch gold ducats, the Royal Dutch Mint announced that a special Anniversary Edition gold single ducats, with the design of the 1817 ducat, and with the double dates of 1817 and 2017 will be minted. Following the official information provided by the mint, specification of a new coin is as follows: 0.983 gold, 3.494 gm (6.988 for double ducats), diameter 21 mm (26 mm for double ducats), reeded edge, proof quality.

The Anniversary gold ducats are offered on a reservation-only basis, until May 31, 2017. The price of single ducat is 214,95 euro. You may order them directly on the website of the Royal Dutch Mint,

You may order this coin here.

The 200th Anniversary 2017 (1817) ducat

The 200th Anniversary 2017 (1817) ducat