Holland 1788 ducat

1788 Holland gold ducat obverse

1788 Holland gold ducat obverse

In the upcoming Schulman BV auction 353 (June 24, 2017), a unique gold ducat will be available for bidding (Lot 86). Estimated price is 2,000 EUR.

A deep research on the Dordrecht coinage was presented in the Dutch 2014 “Yearbook of Old Dordrecht”. On page 107 of this book is written: “The Holland single gold ducats with dates of 1787, 1788 and 1789 are still unknown”.

A copy offered for sale is the only known to exist. This date is not reported in any museum (including Nationale Numismatische Collectie, former Geldmuseum) or private collection worldwide, it is offered for sale for the first time.

Total mintage for gold ducats minted in 1787-1789 is extremely low. Single ducats from 1788 were minted by the last Dordrecht mintmaster, Jan Abraham Bodisco, with a mintage of 7,560 copies only. Following an information given by the auctioneer, a specimen offered in the upcoming Schulman BV auction originated from The Seven Arrows Collection, specialized in the Dutch gold ducats.

In the MUNTkoerier magazine, issue June 2017, an article on this ducat was published.

Onbekende gouden dukaat Holland 1788

MUNTkoerier 06/2017: “Onbekende gouden dukaat Holland 1788”
(source: www.muntkoerier.com)

You may bid this coin here.

1788 Holland gold ducat

1788 Holland gold ducat
(source: www.schulman.nl)