Hedel 1578 (Jasek 38)

In the upcoming Jean Elsen Auction 131 (December 10, 2016), an extremely rare 1578 Hedel ducat will be available for bidding (Lot 989). Estimated price is 2,500 EUR.

A copy offered for sale is the second known of this type. The other copy was sold previously in Frederick Muller & Cie auction (the sale of Joh. W. Stephanik collection) over a hundred years ago – on December 12, 1904.

Ducats of this type were minted from 5th to 24th of June 1578, with Anthonis van Eembrugge as a mintmaster, under reign of the Count Frederik van den Bergh. This date is known in three types (Jasek 36-38), all minted with St. Pacratius on the obverse, in the first half of 1578. All types are described in detail in the Jasek’s book.

You may bid this coin here.

Hedel 1758 ducat (Jasek 38)

Hedel 1758 ducat (Jasek 38)
(source: www.elsen.eu)

11 December 2016 UPDATE:
The coin is sold for 4,484 EUR = 4,735 USD (incl. Buyer’s Premium).